Ducane Furnace Won T Ignite

When your furnace doesn't ignite, you should start by checking if there's the power inside the house. Check several electronic outputs (the microwave or the fridge). Should they have the ability, then it's only the furnace that isn't running. Always start with the easy fixes such as the power to the furnace.

Ducane Furnace Won't Ignite - Informinc
Ducane Furnace Won't Ignite - Informinc

Solution: If the draft blower starts - you hear it hum - but the furnace doesn't ignite, the problem could be caused by a blockage in the vent. This is not super-common, but something to consider if other solutions don't work. 6. The High Limit Switch is Open.

Here are the most common issues with your Ducane furnace: Pilot light When you're trying to turn on your Ducane furnace and realize that the pilot light doesn't light, you should check if the primary valve is switched to the "On" position. It's also essential to examine the HSI (Hot surface ignitor); it could be damaged.

Ducane Furnace Won't Ignite Informinc

Find the Hot Surface Ignitor (or pilot H.S.I. to be short) and check if it works fine. Make sure nothing clogs its orifice. The issue may also have to do with a malfunction of a control valve. Take your Owner's Manual and read the tips on how to troubleshoot the SmartValve in your situation. Burners Heat Ducane CMP A Series Furnace Troubleshooting

Ducane Natural Gas Unit won't light up - DoItYourself.com Community Forums
Ducane Natural Gas Unit won't light up - DoItYourself.com Community Forums

The furnace pressure switch is designed to sense the negative pressure created by the draft inducer motor at furnace start up and to shut down furnace ignition if proper differential air pressures and venting are not maintained. I believe you have a condensing furnace and then there would be 2 lines to the pressure switch.

Heating Furnace Troubleshooting - Informinc
Heating Furnace Troubleshooting - Informinc

The power has been removed from the system for hours at a time to allow for anything to reset yet every time we put power back to the boards the exhaust blower starts as well as the main blower fan to the furnace yet no glow or ignition to the gas valve.

You press the switch to turn the furnace ON The control board receives power from your electrical system The thermostat takes current temperature readings and sends a request for heating The inducer motor kicks on The pressure switch confirms that the inducer switch is running and alerts the ignition system

See pt1 and pt2 together here: https://youtu.be/EJHNaiXaBxUThe furnace wasn't working. This fix was easy!

Improper igniter End of the normal usage life cycle Voltage in the furnace electrical circuit is too high (over 125 VAC) Severely dirty air filter, causing the high-temperature limit switch to cycle the furnace ignition on and off frequently Home Depot Reading Control Board Codes

In the middle of the winter, our furnace went out and I did't want to a call a repair man cause I knew it wasn't going to be cheap. I couldn't find any video...

If you find that your burners will not ignite, check that the furnace is connected to the power supply. Make sure that there is no blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker or faulty wiring. You may need to replace the transformer or the fuse on the fan timer board. If there is no gas at your main burners, the problem may be with your main valve.

Solution: Typically, there's a "reset" button near the motor housing. Turn the appliance off, wait 30 minutes for it to cool down, then press "reset.". If the furnace doesn't reset immediately, repeat the procedure twice more. Problem: It clicks on, but doesn't fire up. Solution: This is likely due to a faulty or dirty ignitor/sensor.

Disconnect the hot surface ignitor from the control board and measure the resistance. A good hot surface ignitor will have a resistance of 40 to 90 ohms. Greater than 90 ohms indicates a failing or failed hot surface ignitor. We have two YouTube videos below that show hot to test and troubleshoot furnace ignitor problems.

The unit's exhust blower goes on and the furnace ignition element glows for a few seconds. After a few seconds the gas burners ignite. After about 2-4 seconds the burners shut down. This cycle repeats. The furnace burners do not stay on to heat the house. Any sugestions would be appreciated. Save Reply C #CARRIERMAN Thoroughbred Mopar Man