Drivers Side Wiper Blade Not Moving

2002 ford f150wiper was not working on driver's side. since the passenger one was working fine, i realized that it shouldn't be the motor that is broken so i...


Common signs include wiper blades that move slower than programmed, only have one speed, do not move at all, and don't park in the correct position. ... The wipe control module is mounted under the driver's side dashboard, next to the door buzzer box. It is a black module with two white, five-pin connectors plugged into it, and a ground ...

5,692 Answers. Re: Driver side wiper doesn't work ...will move freely by... The part that works the wiper blades is called a wiper transmission. Depending how the arms are attached under the cowling, you may need to replace it as 1 piece for both sides. You need to remove the wiper motor and disconnect it from the wiper transmission.


Step 1: The wiper arm is connected with a nut behind a plastic cover. Remove the cover by hand. Be careful as the covers will break easily. Step 2: Remove the nut with a socket wrench. Step 3: To remove the wiper arm, put a little pressure on the base of the arm while pulling straight off the spindle. It may need a little jiggling to get ...


Gently, pull it off and set it aside. Now, check the wiper for any fault. The replacement would require in case of any fault. Windshield wipers not returning rest position. bit tricky but not impossible to handle. 3. Pull off the Foam Stripe & Plastic Cap. You can get back the wiper to its rest position by reaching the transmission.

Nothing wrong with the arms. Arm that moves driver side wiper has hard plastic cavity insert. That is worn out. Parts cost about 4 dollars and come in different sizes. Pick size for yours and has to fit in the arm very tightly. Add a bit of lubricant and snap back to connecting arm. To get to the problem you have to remover cover that over the ...

Remove the nut and the wiper arm, and study the inside of the arm hole for damage. If you see crisp splines, the reinstall the arm in the proper location on the windshield and then reinstall the nut and tighten the nut firmly. If the inside of the wiper arm looks stripped (splines are flat or blurred), then the arm is likely shot.

The passanger side is not making contact on the outside of the glass. It is the worst on the far right side. You can see the blade is off the windshield in the park position. I can live with that since it is not the drivers line of sight. So, yes there is a problem with the blades on both sides.

Below are the top five reasons for this problem and how to fix the windshield wiper. 1. Worn-Out Rubber Strip. The most common cause is wearing out of the rubber strip of the wiper blade. The rubber strip is used to attach the blade to the arm at the base of each wiper. It keeps the blades in place while they are working.

1) Remove the driver side wiper (arm & blade). 2) Start the car and turn on the wipers. 3) When the passenger wiper is straight up and down .. turn off the car. This leaves the wiper in position. 4) Re-install the drivers side wiper and put it back on so its position is the same as the passenger - making them parallel Start the car and test

The driver side windshield wiper does not work. The motor is running, but something is not clicking to move the blade - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic ... The passenger side wiper blade won't move more than a 1/2 inch. If I manually put it on the windshield it goes back down, but won't go up again.

If the wipers still don't park, check the wiring from the wiper motor to the switch for a short circuit. If the circuits are good, replace the wiper motor. If replacing the wiper motor follow the proper procedure: when installing the crank arm on the wiper motor shaft maintain a gap of 5/32 to 5/16 inch (4 to 8mm) between the V-notch in the ...

Hi, There is a spring on the rear of the wiper arm that keeps pressure on it. Lift and inspect that spring. If it appears good, then chances are the hinge between where it mounts and the arm is corroded and preventing the arm from moving under the spring's power.

Wipers and simple and relatively easy to trouble shoot. The problem is most likely a worn spline on the shaft that turns at the base of the wiper arm or the wiper arm itself is stripped out. If you replace the whole arm and it is still not working then this is likely not the isue. First take the arm off, turn the wiper on and see if the shaft ...